About Page Rank and Alexa

What is Page Rank?
Page Rank ® (PR) is a measurement system developed by Google which displays consolidated visible factor link popularity. Figures generated for shows and unrelated with ratings. At one their time used to relate, but currently they not have relationships into site ratings. Some SEO's believe that after site hitting PR or five or higher, it will can ranked for many Download able 10 ratings within industry.
Why Using Page Rank?
This appliance specifically designed for shows PR from websites others. You can copy code, enter into your site.
Alexa Traffic
Alexa is search portal monitor web from toolbar and method average ownership and follow site Internet. It ranking site according traffic. More low digits better. Alexa outcome often criticized as Alexa only got value from visitors who has toolbar installed. Most web searchers average not installed. There also many sites claiming for assist site become better number Alexa.
What referred with Value Website?
Value website is valuation domain based upon several factor used for estimate traffic, age and link popularity. These factors including average from site: Top Level Domain Name, Archive.org Age and Listings, Yahoo and MSN Search Results, and Alexa Traffic Rankings.

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