AnalogX LinkExaminer

A website has various links that lead to pages within the same site or other sites. Many links on the site, along with the development will be difficult to trace because of the broken link. Do not be surprised if at some sites include the broken link information form for the user who visits that page so it can be repaired by the web administrator.

Broken links are usually caused due to the loss of a site page is deleted, moved or changed the location of its file name. Another way to detect the broken link on a site can be made use of specific applications, namely AnalogX LinkExaminer.

This application scanning one by one page sites that are connected to each other through links. Output scanning can be seen at the interface AnalogX LinkExaminer, even in the form can be exported to other formats, including CSV and Google Sitemaps XML-compatible. The existence of broken links will be clearly visible at the interface of this application.


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