Five of Freedom for Animal Welfare

A lot of people who claim to be animal lovers, despite the fact that they treat animals properly "human". So the animals allowed to understand and apply some of the activities carried out and are contrary to human nature in the wild. Therefore, as a lover of animals more useful to understand a concept called with animal welfare.

There are five things to get attention when we decided to keep the animal or consider ourselves to be true lovers animal. Five of freedom for the term animal welfare will become a reference and a concept for assessing the condition of the caged animal, namely:
1. Freedom from hunger and Thirst
2. Freedom from thermal and physical discomfort
3. Freedom from injury, disease and pain
4. Freedom to express most normal patterns of behavior
5. Freedom from fear and distress

We must implement five of freedom if we are to coexist with wildlife. If not, why not let them free in the wild not in cages in our homes.

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