SEO vs Search Engines

Now, almost all in the IRC chat room dibengkalaikan. Abandonment of a service could be due to the presence of other services that are superior, the lack of innovation that lead to boredom or because of the disruption of performance.
Talking about the disruption of performance of services on the internet, can not be separated from the spam. Long since spam became bitter enemies of any services, ranging from chat, instant messaging, e-mail, forums, social networking, to search engines. You may ask, what kind of spam that affect the performance of search engines?
Lately, users often have to swallow disappointment at the sight of Search for results page (SERP), a keyword in the search engines. Instead of getting the required result, users proffered by many URLs "fake" that did not contain the keyword entered.
It all happened due to the many website owners who want the URL they entered the front pages of the SERP. If you let this drag on, SEO activity (whether black or white) will spay search engines. Slowly but surely, users will start leaving the search engine. As they left the first in the IRC chat room.

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