Intel to boost performance on the Centrino Wi-Fi

In line with the increasingly widespread standard cable connection without Wi-Fi, Intel Corporation introduced the Intel PRO / Wireless 2100A for use on a Centrino notebook technology. Previously, the standard cable connection without the use of Centrino-based notebooks is 802.11b. now with the PRO / Wireless 2100A, Centrino has been able to take advantage of a faster connections thanks to the use of the 802.11a standard. Standard that runs at a frequency of 5 GHz has a 5x speed (54 Mb / s) better than the 802.11b standard. In addition 802.11a also has other advantages which are more resistant to interference that often occurs in 802.11b standard. The reason is because the frequencies used at 2.4Ghz 802.11b devices also use other electronic devices such as cordless phones or microwave.

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