Logitech QuickCam Sphere / Orbit

Logitech introduced a webcam with an innovative design that is QuickCam Sphere also known as QuickCam Orbit. Claimed as the first webcam with a mechanical system through a small motor which is controlled via software. Users also can move the direction of view of the camera manually via the control panel which is in orbit. With its facility CCD sensor, Orbit can produce 1.3-megapixel quality pictures and video with 640x480 resolution.
To be able to monitor objects in the coverage area (2800 900 horizontal and vertical) used 9-inch vertical pole. This webcam has the ability to automatically detect the position of the wearer's face in order to remain within the frame of his camera. This is possible because this camera uses the analysis method developed for the military. Despite not having an internal face recognition system, Orbit smart enough to know the position of the eyes, nose and mouth so that you can follow where the object is moving. Her face tracking software can be run on Windows XP, 2000, NT, and Mac OS X. You can even use it with instant messenger applications.

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