Twitter and Facebook in Xbox

Microsoft did not specify the official date for the debut of Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live, but Xbox Live development team is currently testing the second debut of the application. Marc Whitten, General Manager of Xbox Live to explain, he has been posting a Tweet on Twitter from Xbox Live. "Twitter in the Xbox so much fun. The team has worked hard for this. Playing with Facebook and Twitter on the Xbox Live service was amazing, "he said.
Scott Hillis, one of the Xbox team to make the same Tweet, also referencing the internal testing of Facebook in the existing service on the Xbox 360 gaming console is owned Mocrosoft. Applications Facebook and Twitter also present to increase the ability of the Xbox 360 gaming console.
One other trend in the form of a keyboard with a distance of accessories fitted button for each finger for the Xbox 360 controller. Without the user's keyboard must use the on-screen keyboard.

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